Family of Labels @ Donaufestival Krems 03052014 cover art Family of Labels @ Donaufestival Krems 03052014 cover art

eMEGO 186 / Various Artists

Family of Labels @ Donaufestival Krems 03052014

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Editions Mego Family of Labels showcase at Donaufestival, Krems, Austria.

Date: May 3rd 2014.

15:00-15:40 Stephen O'Malley
15:45-16:15 Kassel Jaeger
16:20-17:10 Bill Orcutt
17:20-18:20 Compound Eye

Halle 2:
19:30-20:20 Fennesz
21:45-22:15 Sensate Focus
23:15-00:00 Outer Space
01:00-02:00 Donato Dozzy & Chris Madak

Compilation album, featuring tracks by all artists performing, available via download code given only to people who attend the Minoritenkirche event.

Track listing:

1. Stephen O’Malley: prénom
Taken from the currently unreleased album ‘obscurantisme’ eMEGO 131
2. Kassel Jaeger: Exposure Scale - Sunlight
Taken from the album ‘Toxic Cosmopolitanism’, eMEGO 183
3. Bill Orcutt: Solidarity Forever
Taken from the album ‘A History Of Every One’, eMEGO 173
4. Compound Eye: Open Interval 2
Taken from the album 'Journey From Anywhere', eMEGO 181
5. Fennesz: Pallas Athene
Taken from the album ‘Bécs’, eMEGO 165
6. Sensate Focus: X
Taken from the single 'Sensate Focus 2.5', FOCUS 2.5
7. Outer Space: Crixa/5825
Taken from the EP ‘Phantom Center’, eMEGO 196
8. Donato Dozzy: Vaporware 02
Taken from album ‘Plays Bee Mask, SP 029