The Poetry Of Decay cover art

eMEGO 112 / Cindytalk

The Poetry Of Decay

  • 1.1. signalling through the flames
  • 1.2. of ghosts and buildings (04:29)
  • 1.3. maglev (05:30)
  • 1.4. troubled aria (02:50)
  • 1.5. our shadow, remembered (03:41)
  • 2.1. feathers burn (02:22)
  • 2.2. one hundred years tomorrow (5:31)
  • 2.3. if we meet, we meet in silence (03:46)
  • 2.4. debris of a smile (07:28)
  • 3.1. the eighth sea (07:47)
  • 3.2. we are without words (06:39)
  • 3.3. i walk until i fall (03:17)
  • 3.4. switched to lunar (03:17)
  • 4.1. hollow stare (06:25)
  • 4.2. the anarchist window (04:46)
  • 4.3. multiple landings (08:44)
  • 4.4. up here in the clouds (02:06)
  • 5.1. transgender warrior (06:00)
  • 5.2. guts of london (05:59)
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those that fall
those that fly
those that see
those that seek
those that live
those that die

recordings by gordon sharp 2001 - 2010 at belmont shore (ca), mid-levels (hk) & kobe (japan) the mid-levels (hk) but mainly at roi vert, okamoto japan.

cut at dubplates & mastering, berlin, august 2010

Cindytalk have been active since 1982. During the 80s and 90s their sound was defined by broken down rock structures and abstract piano ambience. A third side to their coin emerged at the dawn of the 21st Century with a turn towards obscure computer usage pushing all resemblance of melody and conventual texture to the outer edges.

‘The Crackle Of My Soul’ is the first full length to come from this new direction, starting in 2001 and now finally ready for release. Its also the first Cindytalk album since the 1995 release of ‘Wappinschaw’.
Although very abstract in nature these 10 tracks still echo the vocal brilliance and subtle beauty that they become known for, as well as pushing back the boundaries.
Up Here In The Clouds is the second installment in the new Cindytalk sound which started last years The Crackle Of My Soul. Whereas Crackle was more of a blistering burner, Clouds has a fresher cooler sound to it, with longer tracks that slowly evolve in great patches of aural beauty.  The sound that Gordon Sharp and co create now is a unique blend of cracked electronics, near awkward ambient textures that always seem to flow smoothly like the most natural of sounds around, building up a great set of modern electronic music which closes with the child like melody of the title track.
The 7” coupling of Transgender Warrior and Guts Of London is analogue to their debut appearance as a 7” released by Klanggalerie in 2003 (gg62).