Returnal (Antony & Fennesz Versions) cover art

eMEGO 104X / Oneohtrix Point Never

Returnal (Antony & Fennesz Versions)

  • 1. Antony: Returnal (3:57)
  • 2. Fennesz: Returnal (4:56)




Voice by Antony
Piano by Daniel Lopatin
Recorded at Lofish, New York, May 2010
Engineered and Mixed by Alex Nizich

Remixed by Christian Fennesz, June 2010

Artwork by Stephen O'Malley
Cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, June 2010

Hot on the heels of the acclaimed Oneohtrix Point Never ‘Returnal’ album come these fabulous versions of the title track.
Antony swings the mood and strips the track of its delayed harmonised vocals and creates poignant ballad with Dan OPN on piano.
Fennesz on the other hand sprinkles some his world famous majestic stardust over the proceedings.
All packaged in dazzling artwork by Stephen O’Malley.