Arrowhead cover art

eMEGO 091 / Prurient


  • 1. Sternum (12:05)
  • 2. Ribcage (14:31)
  • 3. Lungs (4:08)
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Total Time: 30:43

Recorded winter 2004 in Providence, RI
Finalized winter 2005 in New York City
Design by DF
Guest Personal: Kris Lapke

New York based Prurient (aka Dominick Fernow) has been an active instigator of the Power Electronics and Noise genres for well over a decade, with 100+ releases issued so far, usually limited and over all known formats. Its with great pleasure that Editions Mego present this new set of Prurient compositions. Comprising of 3 ear splitting tracks of high end quality feedback, disturbed vocals and twisted percussion. While previewing this work for release on a flight from Milan to Vienna it came to the attention of the listener that an irritated passenger 2 rows in front complained of high pitched whistling in the air conditioning. Such is the power of Arrowhead.