En Concert à la Salle des Fêtes cover art

eMEGO 077 / quintetAvant

En Concert à la Salle des Fêtes

  • 1. 1 (11:47)
  • 2. 2 (17:57)
  • 3. 3 (6:34)
  • 4. 4 (2:44)




Total Time: 39:01

Lionel Marchetti : magnétophone à bandes
Jérôme Noetinger : magnétophone à bandes
Jean Pallandre : magnétophone à bandes
Marc Pichelin : synthé analogique
Laurent Sassi : enregistrement numérique

Cover by Tina Frank

Five leading lights of the French improvised, electronic, electroacoustic scene combine once again electronic tape, analogue synths and a united love for strange sonorities for their debut CD release.
Like its predecessor, the vinyl only release 'Floppy Nails' (MEGO 059) this is an exciting display of concrete improvisation. Taken from a live session at the Musique Action Festival, and mastered at Piethopraxis in Köln.
Given that this has sprung from the blank slate of open improvisation - resting on the dexterity, patience, and the listening ability provided by the participants sees the results as all the more inspired. Interlocking, overlapping, stretching, snapping, bending, morphing and panning, along with vast dynamics: calm and restrained through to hyperactive and fierce. Even some Foie Gras geese get a look in.

The best band currently active in France? Maybe... maybe.