Live Salvage 1997->2000 cover art

eMEGO 012 / Russell Haswell

Live Salvage 1997->2000

  • 1. 06:52:51, 1999, Metro, Kyoto
  • 2. 16:03:54, 1998, Klangturm, St.Pölten
  • 3. 06:48:30, 1999, Posthof, Linz
  • 4. 07:53:60, 1998, 121, London
  • 5. 02:00:30, 1998, Queen Elisabeth Hall, London
  • 6. 03:08:62, 2000, National Centre For Early Music, York
  • 7. 07:47:63, 1997, Wuk, Wien
  • 8. 11:18:2, 2000, Lok, Munchen
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Originally released as a CD in May 2001 on Mego, now finally made available on digital to coincide with the release of the 'Second Live Salvage' double vinyl set.

What has been said about ‘Live Salvage 1997->2000’:

"play this to a Slipknot fan and watch his head fall off."
unknown web source

"It reminds us of death. But death sells! As will 'Live Salvage' - though mostly to smug wanker's who like to confuse their less 'artistic' friends with a barrage of outré unpleasantness."

"This is fine granulation work. I will play it for my lectures on 'Noise Resources in Electronic Music'."
Curtis Roads

"The abstract noise excesses contained on this CD present a clear sign of an attitude critical of technology, and in addition help rehabilitate the somewhat forgotten expression, "Fuck You"."

"a fearsome, skull shattering, flesh shredding display of electronic hostility."
The Wire

"Notes reveal that seven people attended the digital apocalypse that was '11:18:24, 2000, LOK, München'. Now you can experience the terror in your own home."

"Haswell has made a record that not only demands but also commands your attention"
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