Ex Nihilo cover art

EMEGO 250 / Bruce Gilbert

Ex Nihilo

  • 1. Undertow (6:10)
  • 2. Change and Not (5:15)
  • 3. Negative Mass (3:50)
  • 4. In Memory of MV (4:26)
  • 5. Hymn (4:34)
  • 6. Black Mirrors (3:37)
  • 7. HA8 (5:57)
  • 8. Nomad (2:50)
  • 9. Where? (4:25)

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All tracks written and recorded by Bruce Gilbert, mastered by Russell Haswell

Design: David Coppenhall, front image/ concept: Bruce Gilbert
Cut by Rashad Becker @ Dubplates and Mastering, Berlin

Editions Mego’s 250th release continues its ongoing legacy of cross-pollinating and perverting various threads of radical 20th Century music whilst concocting and properling further ideas into the nebulous region where we currently reside.

With Ex Nihilo, Editions Mego resumes it’s enduring relationship with long term collaborator and stalwart representative of the labels aesthetic with a new release from London’s most charming deviant occupant, Mr Bruce Gilbert (formerly of Wire, Dome etc..).

Gilbert’s peculiar approach to sound over four decades has seen him engage with a wide variety of practice and performance always hovering amongst the grey area between his mind and the surrounding architecture. Ex Nihilo is another significant entry into Gilbert’s outre sound-book.

Inhabiting a murky zone between interference and trauma, Ex Nihilo is a daring and dark audio ride through a contemporary ketamine haze, one which haunts identifiable parameters whilst remaining too oblique to be truly quantified. Change and Not teases discomfort, Black Mirrors embraces disorder, Nomad skirts the unsettling.

Whilst never quite resolving its own logic Ex Nihilo invites the casual listener to privy a devastating peculiar and somewhat paranoid fantasy (reality?).

Another effortless Gilbert classic.