on a fateful morning cover art

EMEGO 244 / chra

on a fateful morning

  • 1. cognitive ease (11:12)
  • 2. phorusrhacidae (5:36)
  • 3. odessatocha (3:26)
  • 4. crowded dream (4:29)
  • 5. das modul (4:43)
  • 6. coisioc (3:28)



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recorded and produced by christina nemec in vienna and horner wald 2016
mastered and cut at dubplates & mastering, berlin 2017

artwork by susi klocker

On her latest release, chra aka Christina Nemec is sketching out a psychogeographical map, that guides you to the border of the internal and external world - ‘on a fateful morning’ lets you enter a sphere where the imaginary and the subliminal cross. Evoking abstract images that transcend reality, chra installs an autarchic time-and-space-continuum of vague, nocturnal beauty. Pastose bass drones, airy ambient synths and processed audio-samples form a hypnotic stream that lets you enter an altered state of mind. By subtly intertwining musical and non musical sounds chra is weaving an intensely atmospheric, poetic tableau of emptied spaces left to our imagination. It's the pulse of arcane memories that is filling these sonic landscapes, operating deep within our subconscious.

‘on a fateful morning’ is haunting music to play in the dark - conspirative, uncanny, with a dystopian smack.