Some People Really Know How To Live cover art

EMEGO 238 / Shit and Shine

Some People Really Know How To Live

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Behind You Back
Dish 2 Dish
Lil Wannabe Gangsta
Raining Horses
South Padre Low Life

Man Bunny
Blick Von Der Berg
Girl Close Your Eyes
The Crocodile

Recorded in Austin, Texas
Photography Coco Clouse
Design Stephen O'Malley

Shit & Shine’s sidestep from percussion led bunny rabbit rock ensemble performance based glee to ultimate heavy fools of the sticky dancefloor remains one of the more inspiring turn around’s in recent years. With highly acclaimed releases on Editions Mego, Diagonal, Riot Season and others Shit & Shine have wasted no time clearing away the rubbish whilst cutting up their own path towards giddy bass heavy shape shifting dance mutations. Snapping the twigs of disco, hurling clouds of exquisite dissonance, mangling modulations, boiling beats, twisting tweaks… this is a crew that will throw anything at the wall, and you.

Some People Really Know How To Live presents a machine music built for the house, the street, the beat. For now, for never. In paradise all (earlybird) tickets are free and as you face your maker it is Shit & Shine who will truly set you free.