taking into account only a portion of your emotions cover art

EMEGO 236 / pinkcourtesyphone

taking into account only a portion of your emotions

  • 1. New Domestic Landscape (10:06)
  • 2. Reference Point Intermission 1 (8:57)
  • 3. High End Smalls (10:06)
  • 4. Reference Point Intermission 2 (13:41)
  • 4. Horizontal Format (for D. Marti) (11:00)
  • 5. Schlaflied (für PvK) (16:34)




Formed from places, plastics, and particulars 2014-2016
Mastered at D&M, Berlin, September 2016
Design by Richard Chartier

The ongoing project by Los Angeles-based sound artist Richard Chartier (b.1971) sends you a new coded message of sumptuous distant drones and glacial orchestral heartrendings. Poised and polished slow motion pulsations tug at your emotions (but only a portion of them).

For those listeners desirous of the output of The Caretaker, Angelo Badalamenti, William Basinski, and other such dark wistful wonderment.

Pinkcourtesyphone is dark but not arch, with a slight hint of humor. Amorphous, changing, and slipping in and out of consciousness, operating like a syrup-y dream and strives to be both elegant and detached.

Please don’t hang up. This call is important. You’re coming with Pinkcourtesyphone… leave everything… it’s getting late.