Everybody's A Fuckin Expert cover art

EMEGO 212 / Shit and Shine

Everybody's A Fuckin Expert


2LP / CD

The ascent of Shit and Shine sits as one of the great audio headfucks in recent years. From it's genesis out of the South London noise rock revivalist scene to a zone where rabbit costumed maniacs bled a unique form of multi-drum and electronic hysteria to the current incarnation of destroyed lysergic dance music. Shit and Shine is the epitome of second guess subversion. One with a foot in every pie it continues on a fantastic twisted path. 'Everybody's a fuckin expert' lays forth another slab of inverted tranquility where general disruption is kept in check by the subversive charm unique to the outfit. Gunfire rhythms lay waste to androgynous sonics on the opener 'Ass', deep sea disorientation allows pools of plasticine audio to rise on Rastplatz whilst Picnic Table rinses electro out of thick gelatinous cybernetics. 'Everybody's a fuckin expert' takes a smörgåsbord of sounds and styles and contorts them into a bright new hope in twisted theatre, disorientating dance and hefty hedonism.
Both the faint and strong hearted allowed permanent entry to this club.