Live at MAXXI cover art

EMEGO 209 / Voices From The Lake

Live at MAXXI

  • 1. Intro (05:47)
  • 2. Sonia Danza (05:13)
  • 3. Dreamscape Generation ( 08:40 )
  • 4. Richiami e Oscillazioni ( 09:19 )
  • 5. Orange Steps ( 05:24 )
  • 6. Scintille (03:06 )
  • 7. Max (13:01 )



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All music written and produced by Donato Scaramuzzi and Giuseppe Tillieci
Except Max written by Paolo Conte

Guitar overdubs and arrangements on Max by Brando Lupi
Mastered by Giuseppe Tillieci at Enisslab Studio in Rome

Recorded at MAXXI in Rome on October 25th 2014 during the “Open Museum Open City” exhibition

Photography and cover design by Koto Hirai

After last year's releases on Spectrum Spools, Italian techno masterminds Donato Dozzy and Neel are returning as the duo Voices From The Lake with a release on the mother label Editions Mego: »Live @ MAXXI« is a marvellous organic live-set of hypnotic ambient techno, proofing the outstanding and elegant craftsmanship of their sonic sculpturing, that they both are famous for.
As was to be expected they stay true to their polyphonic topography of liquid scapes: aquatic sceneries are embedded in soaking dense atmospheres, gently gyrating us into trance. Sometimes soft echoes of sirenic voices are heard – the only remnants of human traces in these spaces that have suspended time, where smooth silky textures are being channeled into fractal structures that induce a state of transcendence. The haptic quality of their sound is adding up to a sonic matrix of metaphysic imaginary that is provoked by gentle glides and dynamic beat patterns of almost tribalistic quality.
Dunked in a bath of dark fluid, sometimes washed away at the shores of Kosmische – VFTL's tunes are not scared to seduce us into a condition of haziness, culminating in a cover of Paolo Conte’s ‚Max’ which is turned into a dazzling sample of sweet, dreamy melancholia.
With this release Voices From The Lake succeed again in strengthening their position as one of todays most refined ambient techno producers.