Empty Airport cover art

EMEGO 208 / chra

Empty Airport

  • 1. Abandoned House (02:25 )
  • 2. KBN (03:36 )
  • 3. Luminiscent (02:51)
  • 4. Fits of Asthma (04:33 )
  • 5. Adorable Vanity (03:56 )
  • 6. Landmine (02:55 )
  • 7. Empty Airport ( 06:20 )
  • 8. Soca Valley (03:24 )
  • 9. Cigarettes and Roses ( 03:13 )
  • 10. The Story Of (04:33 )
  • 11. Contaminated Landscapes ( 04:16 )


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Recorded and Produced by Christina Nemec in Vienna and Horner Wald, 2012-2014
Additional mixing on Abandoned House by Christian Fennesz
Guitar on Soca Valley by Christian Schachinger, Recorded at Twisted, Vienna.

Mastered and cut at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin 2015

Artwork by Susi Klocker

»Empty Airport«, Chra’s first LP on Editions Mego may be read as a reference to Brian Eno’s ambient classic, though this time we find ourselves in a territory of transit that sounds like a dystopian swan song on civilizatoric debris - a heteropia in which the listener restores himself in a surrounding that is emptied of human remains, having left just some ghostly echoes behind.
Chra aka Comfortzone-Labelfoundress Christina Nemec has traced out a post-anthropocene area in which acoustic entries of field recordings are stratified in layers of deconstructed noisescapes. Partly interspersed with clunky technoid bass-lines, an introspective space is opened, which excavates in a discreet and subtle manner, layers of abandoned wasteland. Nemec, who is a member of various band projects like Shampoo Boy (together with Peter Rehberg and Christian Schachinger) or the female berzerker formation SV Damenkraft, has succeeded in producing a significant LP, that merges dark techno and industrial with found sounds and ambient scapes, resulting in a compositoric minimalism that is ushering us in a state of existential trance.