A Handful Of Automation cover art

DeMEGO012C / Robin Fox

A Handful Of Automation

  • 1.1. Time Blister (5:37)
  • 1.2. Voltaic Pile (4:17)
  • 1.3. S.O.S. 1 (2:55)
  • 1.4. Boundary Layer Skin Friction (5:00)
  • 1.5. Vampira (4:42)
  • 1.6. proto-needle (2:26)
  • 2.1. GODSPEED (6:08)
  • 2.2. A Handful of Automation (3:43)
  • 2.3. 500 feet per second (3:38)
  • 2.4. S.O.S 2 (3:18)
  • 2.5. Black (requiem) (3:10)
  • 2.6. Melophobia (final edit) (3:54)
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Cover image: Robin Fox, Proof of Concept #6
Mastered by Casey Rice at Classickxs

First solo audio only release by Melbourne based sound and laser artist Robin Fox and first solo release since the mind melting 'Backscatter' DVD on Synaesthesia (2005). Taking time out from his duo with Anthony Pateras, ‘A Handful Of Automaton showcases Fox’s unique and highly individual take on the usually misunderstood Extreme Computer Music genre, and is a pleasurably disorientating ride. Alongside chaos trips such as ‘Boundary Layer Skin Friction’ and the stunning title track, sit beautifully scored examples of electronic concentration such as ‘GODSPEED' and the closing ‘Melophobia (final edit)’. This album is must for connoisseurs of high grade computer usage, and is released as a vinyl LP as well as a C50 cassette featuring 2 bonus cuts. Cover features images from Fox's photographic collection 'Proof of Concept' a series that has grown out of his legendary laser performances.