foolproof betters fools bettering foolproof.... cover art

DeMEGO 005 / ibitsu

foolproof betters fools bettering foolproof....

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Total Time: 24:46

Done by ibitsu, March 2008

Mastered at Piethopraxis, Köln, September 2008
Artwork by SOMA, July 2008

A curious and highly fine tuned digital composition emerging from somewhere in Japan. Starting life nearly a decade ago, this piece was refined, restarted, thrown away, though lost and finally adjusted and completed in March of this year.
A shimmering sub rumble counters hi-end tweaks, like an acid drenched take on the spirit of early trente oiseaux releases. 'foolproof betters fools bettering foolproof...' demands total attention as well playback on correct speaker systems. This is not a soundtrack to other activity.